The 10x Rule: Actions get results

So you have a goal. How much action will it take to achieve your goal? The best answer is, “More than you think. Much more than you think.” Grant Cardone is a sales trainer and expert, and a motivational speaker, and he wrote an outstanding book called The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure.

10339170Grant will make you want to go out and run 10 miles instead of one, and brush your teeth for 300 seconds instead of 30. The gist of the book is this: if you want to get results and achieve your goals, take your expected goal and action plan and multiply it by 10. Yes, multiply your desired goal by 10 and then take 10 times the action. He states:

“in order to get to the next level of whatever you’re doing, you must think and act in a wildly different way than you previously have been… Your thoughts and actions are the reasons why you are where you are right now. So it would be reasonable to be suspect of BOTH [emphasis mine].”

Grant fills this book with motivational quotes, and perspective. One of my favorites:

“your mindset and deeds should serve as gauges by which people can measure themselves.”

Holy crap. I could not agree more. But aside from the motivational quotes, he also speaks with authenticity through the lens of reality.

“…humankind, by and large, tends to set targets at subpar levels…”

“Any goal you set is going to be difficult to achieve, and you will inevitably be disappointed at some points along the way.”

“Regardless of what is happening in the world at any given time, most people are not taking massive action.”

Overall, how many people do you know that are taking action towards making themselves awesome? Or achieving a goal? Or bettering themselves just a little? Now, how many people do you know who are taking massive action towards the aforementioned topics? Most likely, you will know a handful of people with mindsets of achievement, and a minority of them are taking massive action. This is not a character flaw. Most of us are not massive-action-takers. It may just be that we have not found or decided upon something which we desire to throw ourselves into. But wait, what if we were massive action takers? What if for every small goal we had, we multiplied your goal by ten and then took ten times the action? What would happen? Well, we would all be a lot more awesome. Even if we fell short of our goal, we would still achieve a lot more than we previously hoped for.

In the book, Grant tells his story and his desire to be the best sales trainer on the planet. In the course of 18 months he wrote hundreds of articles and posts, did hundreds of radio interviews, and filmed hundreds of how-to videos (damn, and what did I do these last 18 months… I can do more). He wants everyone to know who he is. And he is still at it. If you have not heard of Grant Cardone up until this blog, you will surely hear of him now.

If you need a little motivation to get your act together and crush your goals, The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure s a great way to get pumped up.